“With frequent injections of humor, his book is an inspiring read not just for the Alpha Males out there, but for everyone, whether you have been affected by the Big C or not.”
Dalida Boustead

“I just completed reading your book. First and foremost, I’m delighted you are a survivor…  …your journey was not foreign to me as I lived it with my late husband, who was also an “Alpha Male”.  I wish we had had your book to refer to during his treatment.
Your writing was clever, informative and easy to read. Your dry sense of humor shined brightly throughout. I felt like you were sitting next to me telling your story.  I heard your voice.
Thanks for writing this book.  It is a must read for anyone recently diagnosed as a new member of the Cancer Club. I hope that it can give others a better understanding of the life changing affect a cancer diagnosis causes.”
Nancy Corbin


Rawly written from the heart, Shane Wallace’s ‘Alpha Males Can Get the Big C Too’ takes us on the roller coaster ride that is cancer.  From diagnosis through the treatment process and to his present state as a cancer survivor, Shane lays bare his innermost thoughts and fears as he grappled with this ‘tsunami’ as he coins it.  At times Shane’s reflections are heartbreakingly poignant as in when he informs his young son who then cuddles him and ‘grabbed hold of his heart’.  Balancing this is Shane’s enduring sense of humor.  He intersperses witticisms and his personal spin on life as he realises that while not on his bucket list, his membership of the Cancer Club has meant ‘letting go of how my life once was … and I’m not certain I’ve even mastered that but I’m working on it.’

Shane’s book will be enormously helpful for fellow Alpha Males who believe this somehow exempts them from a cancer diagnosis and for their partners and family.  Shane acknowledges the unstinting support provided by his girlfriend, sister and friends.


“An insight into the gentle side of our Alpha Males when in crisis.  A brilliant true story.'”

Susan Cooper

“We would like to add your book to our Cancer Information Lounge where we see it providing valuable insights and some much needed humor to other ‘Alpha Males’ at the Olivia Newton-John Centre.”
Tina Carrer
Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Centre

“I loved the honest and frank way that Wallace described his horrendous ordeal. I identified with him and couldn’t wait to read about the outcome. I’m not sure he couldn’t have made it without the support from his girlfriend, sister and mates.”
Vito Anthony
Utica, NY

“Congratulations to Shane on a well written account of what can happen to an average person with no warning .This tale describes what Shane encountered and how he dealt with it .
It is a must read not only for the person who is in the same boat but also for us on the outside who want to stay there but wish to help friends or family who may be going down that path .
From easy to understand and follow dietary advice to medical procedures and practice Shane covers them all in an easy to read and entertaining account of his journey “
Dave Allnutt
Western Australia