In the mid-1980s two Australians leave their country for a trip around the world. As their funds run out, their survival depends on imagination, ruthlessness, high adventure and living on the edge. This novel is a marvellous tale filled with raw sex, humour and action.


“The Capital of Europe” by Shane Wallace gave me a front row seat inside the escapades of Steve and Brian, two friends who leave their families and girlfriends in Australia to embark upon a cross-continental, open-ended tour across Europe. Along the way, Steve and Brian have their ups and downs and their friendship is tested. Wallace does an especially great job of showing the different personalities of the two men and how they were both motivated by adventure, uncertainty and connection. As the duo move around from city to city, Wallace paints a detailed picture of their landscape and the characters they meet as they go. From the white sand, palm lined beaches of Phuket to window shopping along the Champs Elysees, I was transported to each particular part of the globe. Wallace’s style is part history lesson, part travel log, and never short on adventure. He depicts his scenes vividly and playfully, yet realistically and concisely. This reader was left wondering if parts of the story weren’t somewhat autobiographical. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as it was such a great escape. Turning the pages of this book was as easy as flipping through my own passport and I now have a few locales to add to my own ‘bucket list’. Looking forward to any future installments from Shane Wallace!


Michelle Scarafile
Charleston, South Carolina

Available in Kindle format

What a great read. Exactly set at the time of my own global wanderings. Shuffling across borders from country to country your senses buzzing with anticipation of the adventures awaiting. Totally carefree, living and loving all. A Galapagos Tortoise with your life’s needs bulging on your back. The days before PC’s (Personal Computers/Political Correctness) pre mobile phone Satnav, Kindle, Sim cards etc. Communication was by postcard, Post Restante & wired money exchanges where possible. A dog eared travel Guide generally out of date and stories of advice from fellow Gulliver’s generally delivered over too many drinks in Hostels and cheap hotels. Information exchanged to warn, welcome and enlighten you of the road ahead and in paths traversed. A cliché must read to anyone who is fool hardy enough to leave the routine and comfort traded for Visa stamps in passports and discovering the real you. Modern day adventurers may enjoy and compare life on the road in this book. These fun loving characters are out of control.

Buster Brixton
Coolangatta, Australia