“What’s with the astronaut suit?” I joked.
“Don’t want this poison splashing on me,” she answered as she walked away.
Oh great, I thought, this is the stuff going into my body right now.

The world had come crashing down for Shane Wallace, a typical Alpha Male, the day he received a phone call and heard the words that no one wants to hear: ‘You’ve got cancer.’


Just like that he had gained a membership to the Cancer Club, without even applying.

This book takes you through the events leading up to that day, his treatment and ups and downs, before he emerged out the other side and ‘graduated’.  Not just an account of Shane’s journey battling the Big C, this book offers a unique glimpse from the Alpha Male’s perspective of what it’s like to find yourself vulnerable, to go from thinking you just need a good vomit to suddenly fighting this terrible disease.

“Alpha Males Can Get the Big C Too” is an inspiring read that tackles this serious subject matter with honesty and heartwarming humor.

About the Author: 

Shane Wallace was born and grew up in Melbourne Australia. His passion for writing developed from a young age while still at school. This he attributes originated from writing essays combined with his love of the English language. Shane has spent eleven years of his adult life living, working and travelling abroad. In his own words he has met, mixed and associated with some very colorful characters and identities. People as he describes from various countries, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Several of his travelling articles have been published in different magazines. “Travelling” he defines as connecting people and exposing them to different cultures along with broadening their minds. After visiting so many wonderful cities and countries he quotes the great William Shakespeare who said “What is a city but for the people.” Besides extensive travelling throughout Australia he has visited more than seventy countries. Shane likes to refer to himself as a ‘Global Citizen’ and he continues to travel when he can. 

He currently resides happily in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Michelle and their family.